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Welcome to the Rosetta Lander Gallery

Note: These pictures are pure fiction, not science! (For technical drawings and movies take a look at the official Rosetta Lander home page!)

(All images are rendered with POV-Ray.)

Contact: M. Kretschmer, DLR Institute of Space Simulation, Cologne Germany

(All images and movies are freely availabe, as long as you send a short note to the author!)

(Lander unfolding)

After separation from the Rosetta Orbiter the Lander unfolds his legs.

(Thruster firing)

A small thruster accelerates the Lander down to the comet's surface.

(Approaching the nucleus)

Approaching the nucleus of comet 46P/Wirtanen.

(Lander landed)

The Rosetta Lander has touched down on the comet's surface.

(Lander, at work)

The Lander begins its scientific work.

(CASSE at work)

The CASSE instrument performs acoustic investigations of the cometary surface.

(New Feet)

The Lander got new feet! Notice also the new DIM sensor design (top)!

Movies (QuickTime® format)

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(Touch Down 1)

Touch down of the Rosetta Lander on the surface of comet 46P/Wirtanen. (Simplified model)
(13.4 MB!)


The Rosetta Lander performs an imaging rotation on the cometary surface.
(2.3 MB!)

(Separation 1)

The separation of the Rosetta Lander from the orbiter (Orbiter view) and descending to the cometary nucleus.
(6.9 MB!)

(Separation 2)

The separation II. (Side view)
(3.8 MB!)

(Touch Down 2)

Touch down on the surface. (New model)
(5.3 MB!)

(At work)

The Lander begins its work on the cometary surface.
(20.3 MB!)

Some smaller excerpts:
On the surface & panorama turn (9.3 MB!)
Deployment of ROMAP (3 MB!)
Positioning MUPUS and APX (4.9 MB!)

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07/20/2000, Michael Kretschmer , DLR , Institute of Space Simulation , D-51170 Cologne , Germany